Half of UK engineering companies expect to recruit apprentices in the next 4 to 5 years

The IET Skills survey 2012 indicates the difficulties that companies face recruiting new and skilled talent into engineering.  The survey has key messages for educational, vocational and apprenticeship training at all levels in companies.  The good news for engineering apprenticeships is that half of UK companies expect to recruit apprentices in the next 4 to 5 years.  For full details follow this hyperlink http://www.theiet.org/factfiles/education/skill-survey-page.cfm

The IET Position Statement - Skills demand 2012 Issues and Actions has the following summary. 

1 - For the first time since the recession, companies have the confidence to expand their engineering workforce.
Action: Supply issues need to be addressed.  A mix of both academic and vocational training is required so that technical learning opportunities are provided for everyone.

2 - More than a third of (survey) respondents said that new engineering, IT and technical recruits do not meet reasonable expectations for levels of skills.
Action: The quality of degrees must be maintained - including the provision of industrial placements
Action: We (the IET) stress the importance of training and development as a key way to hone the skills of new recruits.

3 - A quarter of companies see no benefit of engaging with the skills system
Action: Schools need to be encouraged to engage more with local employers as it is a key way of bringing engineering to life and making it relevant. 

4 - Half of UK engineering companies expect to recruit apprentices in the next 4 - 5 years.
Action: To encourage more people to start apprenticeships, the quality of courses must be ensured and they need to be seen as a starting point to a successful engineering career, not just a way into a job.
Action: Raise awareness that apprenticeships are a viable alternative to a university degree

5 - Only 6% of the engineering workforce are women
Action: More girls need to be encouraged into engineering careers at a younger age.
Action: Employers attitudes towards flexible working should be more positive.