Our functional skills learning resource bksbLIVE has been upgraded.

How does that affect you?
The old IPS bksbLIVE website address is no longer active so you will not be able to access it through any links you currently have

What do you need to do?
You will need to use the new website address to log in which is https://IPSInternationalLtd.bksblive2.co.uk. Alternatively visit the IPS website, www.ips-international.com, and click on the green bksbLIVE link on the home page which will automatically take you there.   Your login and password details are still the same.

What else has changed?
There are lots of new things available to you:

design interface title
bksbLIVE2 Interface showing English and maths course icons

A new and intuitive design makes it obvious what you need to do, guiding you through the bksb process to achieve your goals. It consists of a very clean design that incorporates the brand’s colours and icons to aid navigation and present information in a clear way. The design also lends itself to touchscreen technology, making bksb even more accessible than ever before on tablets and mobile devices.

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title mobile site

The provison has been further developed for tablets and mobiles by creating a completely responsive version of bksbLIVE. You will be able to access the site on the go, without compromise, regardless of screen size, operating system or device.
bksbLIVE2 mobile interface - our new platform will be completely responsive.
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title communication

It will increase the quality and regularity of communication between trainers and learners by making the most of the eLearning platform. With bksbLIVE 2, it is easy to get a message across. We’ll be able to offer instant feedback via our comments feature, send messages to individuals or groups, and view notifications on the user dashboard.

What if you get stuck?
Your trainers will be available to advise you as things progress.

Why have we changed things?
We want to improve our service to you as learners and this is one of the ways we can do that.
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