National Apprentice Minimum Wage Increase

From 1st October 2016, employers are now required to pay the new Apprentice Minimum Wage of 3.40 per hour, a 10p rise from the previous rise of 3.30. The changes mean that a first-year apprentice working 40 hours per week will now earn 7,072 per annum as opposed to the previous figure of 6,864. 

Changes in Apprenticeship Minimum Wages:

 Age/Level October 2015 Wage (Hourly) October 2016 Wage (Hourly)
Apprentice 3.30 3.40
Under 18 3.87 4.00
18-20 5.30 5.55
21 and over 6.70 6.95

For more information about minimum wage levels in the United Kingdom, please click here to view the rates on the DirectGov website.

Apprentice Employment Contract

An apprenticeship agreement must be signed by both the employer and apprentice at the beginning of an apprenticeship, which will lay out the terms and conditions of an individual's employment at the company. This contract is specific to apprenticeships and an employment contract used for standard employees cannot be used for an apprentice. The agreement must also specify the skill, trade or occupation that the apprentice is being trained to achieve their qualification in. A template for an apprenticeship contract can be downloaded from the DirectGov website. As well as this contract, an apprentice should receive itemised payslips each month containing an overview of their wage.