September Topic of the Month - September

IPS delivered a session to 45 learners on Friday 23rd September on homelessness, as part of our monthly topic of awareness. These topics of the month give us the chance to explore, discuss and debate challenging issues within our society with our learners. 

The group discussed various aspects of homelessness, discussing what home meant to them, talking about why people become homeless, watching short videos about people who have experienced homelessness and asking the question, “what can you do as a British citizen?”  

The session was brought to a close with a “homework” activity being tasked to all apprentices asking them to create a poster and think about the challenges they would face as Apprentices if they were homeless and the impact of these challenges.  All posters will be handed in at the end of their blocks to be judged and a small prize will be issued to the winning group.

Watch the BBC short video on homelessness, "Young, Single and Homeless" at: