Engineering Education Scheme - December Update

As previously revealed, IPS is working with a group of students from Dartford Grammar School as they partake in the Engineering Education Scheme.

The students are working on an electronic Football Shooting Machine; a machine that launches footballs automatically for goalkeepers to test their shot-stopping abilities against. 

Similar machines are currently available on the market to buy. However, the students will be looking to produce a self-loading machine that will not rely on an individual to continuously load the machine with new balls. These products are not currently available and so represents a gap in the market, suitable for those looking to use a football launcher without having to rely on a spare individual to man the machine.

IPS’s Breeshea Robinson, who is mentoring the students throughout the project said, “It's a very complex project… Usually, you would have to operate it in twos.  Someone would typically man the ball chucker, whereas we want to make it automated.”

Craig Pearson,  Technician at Dartford Grammar School said of the scheme, “A lot of the lads of the lads we have in Technology are thinking about possible engineering qualifications so clearly this scheme is a brilliant thing to take with them into further education.

“The hands-on experience they get with the machinery that they wouldn’t get the opportunity at school with, they really enjoy. The competitive element is a big factor too, they like to win if they can.”

DGS Students at IPS