How can Apprenticeships attract new talent?

In May 2017, the Government launched the new apprenticeship reforms; apprenticeships should now see a new lease of life because of this.

The new changes include the new Levy system which requires UK employers with an annual wage bill of more than 3m to pay 0.5 % towards funding apprenticeships. This money will then be invested in quality training to apprentices, doubling the annual investment of them in England.

It is not to say the levy process has been an easy road and the government is still revisiting how it will distribute funding but this new scheme will breathe life back into businesses through the recruitment, training, and up-skilling of apprentices, including a development of an existing workforce resulting in a healthy competitive business.

Apprenticeships can contribute in reducing the average age of current labour force.  Currently, the average age of a workforce is around 45 years, and just 7 % are under 30 years old. Recruiting apprentices to join your workforce is an advantage as they bring fresh ideas and employers can harness new mindsets to help develop their business.

Apprenticeships offer people the chance to step into the career they desire. Statistics from a House of Commons briefing paper show that in 2015-16 more than half of those in such schemes were 24 years old or younger.

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