Do you need a degree for a prestigious job?

Considering going to university to gain a degree and paying thousands of pounds for it? May you want to reconsider?

When you’re at school you spend, your time hearing from your Tutors that if you want to do well in life and succeed university is the answer to get the high-flying career you want. However, a new study has shown that you can still earn a substantial salary and get that job through an alternative route to Uni.

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When it comes to jobs like law and medicine university students, do have the advantage but they will have spent the many year’s studying like mad and running up an average debt of £32,220.

There are other alternatives to a university that could still pay for a high-flying career, maybe even higher pay than a graduate. Figures from the Office for National Statistics show that nearly a third (29%) of graduates earn less than those who entered work via an apprenticeship rather than a degree.

Choosing not to go onto university does not automatically mean a lower salary. Most roles do require some form of training, but often a degree is not required. While having a degree typically increases your earning potential, the cost of gaining one is financially substantial. So, it is no surprise many school-leavers will be asking themselves whether a degree is worth the investing the time studying and of the cost involved.

A good example of someone who has benefited without any formal qualifications is tycoon Richard Branson. Branson’s dyslexia resulted in a poor academic performance while being at school. Look where Richard Branson is now.

Think about what career pathway you want to take; do you need a degree to get into that field? Or would it be more beneficial for you to earn while you learn, gaining life skills and experience in the career you wish to follow?

“Apprenticeships are a great alternative to university, and you can even get a degree through progression and gaining a higher apprenticeship.  Apprenticeships start at level 2 progressing up to and beyond for example a Level 7 apprenticeship which is equivalent to a Masters Degree, Chris Homewood of Kent County Council stated at the Skills 30:30 event at Wilmington on Friday 30th June. 

“The choice is yours to make.”