Why Apprenticeships could benefit your business?

In August, students across England picked up their exam results for GSCE and A Levels and are considering their next option and steps. Many will be going University or College and others will want to leave classroom education behind and will be looking for employment and Apprenticeships.

The next few months are the perfect time for employers to consider offering apprenticeships.


Apprenticeships improve productivity, which means the quality of the service you deliver will be enhanced. You could be giving your business fresh new ideas with new outlooks through apprenticeship employment, you can train your apprentice to do the job in the way you desire.

If you look at the statistics on the GOV website, you can see that 97% of apprentices have said their ability to do their job had improved, and 92% of apprentices said their career prospects had improved by becoming an apprentice. 88% of apprentice employers believe apprentices lead to a more motivated workforce. 81% of consumers say they favour companies that employ apprentices indicating that this can improve a company’s reputation and suggests that consumers are more likely to make a purchase. 75% of organisations report that apprentices remain with the business once they have completed their training meaning that skills stay with the business as their experience grows.

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