Skills Funding Agency
The Skills Funding Agency is the government organisation that allocates funds and regulates skills training in England. Those aged 19+ can be eligible for funding support for vocational training leading to vocational qualifications at level 2, 3 and 4. 
Vocational qualifications are designed to help businesses in England get the training they need to further develop the skills and capabilities of their employees. 

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The Skills Funding Agency provides the funding needed to train employees to gain qualifications at VQ level 2 and a proportion of funding is available towards VQ level 3 qualifications. 

IPS provides VQ qualifications in the following areas:
Engineering  in maintenance and production engineering
Engineering Construction

Motor Vehicle maintenance and repair

Glass manufacturing, installing and repairing windows and other fenestration
Polymer Processing and Plastics manufacture
Signmaking qualifications

Business Improvement Techniques

Business and Administration
Customer Service
ITQ - IT User

Team Leading

Health and Social Care
Support Services in Care

VQ Level 2
Some employees with no qualifications are eligible for fully funded level 2 qualifications or for other employees part funding is available and a contribution from the employer is required. 

VQ Level 3
Some employees are eligible for funded or part funded level 3 training.  For other employees funding is available through 24 plus Loans or a contribution from the employer is required for the training to proceed. 

Skills Funding Agency funding is targeted towards industry and commerce, with a special focus on companies with up to 1000 staff, to fund training and qualifications for the workforce in order to improve business productivity and results.

If you live or work in the South East including, London, Kent, Surrey, East Sussex, West Sussex, Hampshire or Berkshire then find out more about funded vocational training from IPS in the South East by contacting our Information Advice and Guidance service.  

For advice on funding available for training to improve your business performance contact our Business Development Team on 01634 298808 or visit our Contact Us page.