Training Consultancy

IPS International offers training consultancy, advice, tailored training solutions and specialist support in all our product areas tailored to your particular business and personnel.


Engineering Maintenance

We have a comprehensive range of training courses all of which can be tailored to suit your specific requirements and can be run in a variety of combinations. We have provided Welding to meet specific in-house manufacturing and test requirements, Couplings and Alignment training combined with Pump Maintenance, combined PLC and Instrumentation courses with Analogue and Digital signal handling along with a range of other combinations of skills development programmes.

For example, a specialist door systems manufacturer required a course covering electrical power, motors, electronic drives and brakes, mini PLCs and the mechanical components in rotating and sliding doors. We were able to design and deliver a bespoke programme which met these requirements and to deliver this around the work demands of the business.

Our Training Needs Analysis (Technical Profiling) package provides a comprehensive picture of the current skills of your maintenance personnel – allowing us to work with you to create specifically tailored plans and budgets when upskilling, multiskilling or seeking performance improvement and to provide a reference point for future skills development.


Looking to run Apprenticeships within your organisation? Here at IPS we have expertise in all aspects of Apprenticeships from programme design, through delivery, to final completion.

We can advise on Apprenticeships for school leavers, mature students and adult retraining including qualifications, recruitment, funding and employment terms – and, where IPS goes on to deliver the training or Apprenticeship, this consultancy is normally free of charge.

Visit our Contact Us page to call our Apprenticeship Business Development team for advice on starting Apprentice training programmes or visit our IPS Apprenticeships website.