Disability Awareness

Virtual Disability Awareness Training Course at IPS.

Become more confident when managing and working with disabled people in the workplace.

As a Level 2 Disability Confident Employer IPS are delivering a Disability Awareness Course to raise awareness and break down barriers.

This will be an virtual/online course on Microsoft Teams. Learners will attend a 2 hour interactive training session, with discussions, videos, breakout activity sessions.

The learning from this unit will provide knowledge of the terms ‘disability’ and ‘impairment’, key legislation and the attitudes and barriers faced by people who have a disability and an understanding of the social and medical models of disability and how these may be implemented.

The unit is credited by the awarding body CACHE.

What you'll learn

CT 260: Introduction to Disability Awareness

This is a fantastic interactive online session on Microsoft Teams with an IPS Trainer, including;

  • Discussions
  • Videos
  • Break-out room learning where groups will be given activities to complete.

Throughout the 2 hour session, you will;

  • Identify what disability and impairment means
  • Types of conditions that cause disability
  • The laws that support disabled people
  • The difference between the Social and Medical Models of Disability
  • How the Social Model can be put into
    practice within the workplace

Course Objective

Course Benefits

  • Trainers and Assessors who carry out assessments and are looking to move into a quality assurance role
  • Businesses looking to develop their staffs’ personal development training
  • Empower staff to deliver higher quality customer service
  • Help staff to feel confident and comfortable working with disabilities/raise awareness

Time frame

This will be an virtual/online course on Microsoft Teams. Learners will attend a 2 hour training session on the learning outcomes and then will be given 1 month to submit the assignment, which will be questions given to you at the end of the course by the Trainer.


If you have a big cohort and would rather complete in person then please enquire.


Virtual Learning


additional information

If you do have a bigger cohort you can book this course by contacting us at 01634 298800.

£55 per individual learner (plus VAT)

Costs differ for a bigger cohort:
• £50 per learner when booking the course for 12 learners (plus VAT)
• £45 per learner when booking the course for 24 or more learners (plus VAT)

*Please note if you would rather this course delivered in person at your workplace, travel costs will apply.*