Electrical Isolation

Electrical Multiskill E1: This basic module covers fundamental theory and practice related to the industrial applications of electrical maintenance. On successful completion of this module candidates will be able to:

  •  use electrical instruments including multimeters, meggers, voltage testers and proving units
  • carry out electrical diagnostic tests on three-phase electric motors and identify motors connected in both star and delta configurations
  • carry out voltage measurements on three-phase and single-phase systems
  • perform the proper and correct procedure for Electrical Isolation in order to carry out electrical work
  • construct a Direct-On-Line motor starter with 110 volt controls and follow through with testing and fault diagnosis. Advanced candidates will construct a reversing starter

What you'll learn


a) Generation of AC and DC
b) Voltage, Current and Resistance
c) Ohm’s Law and Power Calculations
d) Resistance, Low Voltage and Current measurements



a) Connections and basic operations of AC induction motors
b) DOL motor control circuits
c) Fault finding on control circuits



a) Isolators, Switches and Lock-off Procedures (SAFETY)
b) Circuit testing using:
Insulation Resistance tester (Megger)
Voltage Test Meter
Testing Test Equipment
c) 3-Phase supply systems, Distribution and Testing

Course Objective

The emphasis of this course is on understanding industrial electrical systems and knowing the safe working techniques and practices when working on such systems.

Time frame

3 day course.


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additional information

On successful completion of this module an individual will be able to demonstrate competence in a range of skills including the raising of the appropriate work permit, safe isolation of an electrical supply to a machine and the safe use of the appropriate test equipment.

These modules and bespoke modules may be delivered on site at IPS or at customer premises.

These modules can be used in conjunction with an NVQ programme to support and supplement the practical skills requirements.