Bearings & Seals

The bearings & seals course focuses on developing a practical approach to correctly removing and correctly refitting a rolling element bearing on to the shaft of any mechanical component or assembly. The course will also provide the candidate with the supporting knowledge necessary to be able to identify a bearing and select a suitable replacement.

Continuous reference will be made to a manufacturers source material for the purposes of correctly fitting and removing a rolling element bearing. The manufacturers guidance will also be used to set a bearing correctly. A  range of different types of rolling element bearings will be discussed and considered throughout the course.

What you'll learn

Practical Work:

  • Remove and refit a range of rolling element bearings from a shaft only
  • Dismantle and reassemble a bearing assembly taken from a mechanical component.
  • Refit the bearing assembly into the mechanical component and check that it runs correctly at completion of the work
  • Correctly follow the fitting guidance
  • Refitting of bearing related seals will also be included in this work

Theoretical Work:

  • Know the type of mechanical fits associated with a bearing
  • Measure critical dimensions for removing and refitting a bearing
  • Use a bearing manufacturers notes and guidance for removal and refitting purposes
  • Awareness of the type of faults associated with a rolling element bearing failure
  • Know the basic requirements for lubrication of a bearing

Course Objective

  • Use the 4/5 figure referencing system for identifying bearing size and type
  • Measure and set the free and running clearance in a bearing
  • Set pre-load a bearing where appropriate to do so
  • Measure and set the axial clearance/displacement of a bearing assembly
  • Know the lubrication requirements for a given bearing
  • Identify faults likely to have caused a bearing to fail
  • Correctly remove and correctly refit a bearing

Time frame

A 3 day course.


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additional information

To complete the practical work candidates will be shown how to use a range of tools specifically used for the removal and refitting of a rolling element bearings.

This course will also require candidates to be familiar with and able to use standard industrial measuring equipment e.g. micrometers and DTI’s.

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