Belt & Chain Drives

Focusing on developing a practical approach to correctly removing and installing friction belt drives, toothed belt drives and chain drives, this course also refers to belts and chains used for conveying a range of materials.

Candidates will be provided with the supporting knowledge necessary to identify a belt or chain type and to select a suitable replacement. Reference will be made to manufacturers’ source material for the purposes of correctly identifying, fitting and removing a belt or chain.

The manufacturer’s guidance will be used to set a belt and chain drive correctly. A range of associated belt and chain drive elements will be discussed and considered throughout the course.

What you'll learn

Practical Work:

  • Remove and refit a range of belt & pulley drives (friction and toothed)
  • Remove and refit a range of chain drives (roller)
  • Refit the belt or chain assembly into the mechanical arrangement and check that it runs correctly at completion of the work
  • Correctly follow the fitting guidance
  • Run a belt or chain drive assembly and correctly diagnose any apparent faults

Theoretical Work:

  • Know the type of assembly arrangements associated with a belt drive (friction or toothed)
  • Know how to tension a friction, toothed or chain drive
  • Know how to align a friction, toothed or chain drive
  • Use manufacturers guidance for setting the tension and alignment of belt or chain drive
  • Discuss typical faults associated with a belt or chain drive

Course Objective

  • Identify belt & chain types
  • Identify different types of belt pulleys and chain sprockets
  • Know how to set the correct tension for belt and chain drive
  • Know how to set the correct alignment for a belt and chain drive
  • Identify common faults likely to cause a belt or chain drive to fail

Time frame

A 2 day course.

PPE safety wear is required for this course and should be, work wear, safety boots, safety gloves, safety glasses, bump/hard hat (optional).


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additional information

To complete the practical work, candidates will be shown how to use a range of tools and other equipment specifically used for the correct maintenance of a belt or chain drive.

This course will also require candidates to be familiar with and able to use standard industrial measuring equipment.

All our standard courses and bespoke courses may be delivered on-site at IPS or customer premises.

These courses can be used in conjunction with an NVQ programme to support and supplement the practical skills requirements.