Couplings & Alignment

The coupling and alignment course has two focuses. One is developing a practical approach to correctly removing and correctly refitting a drive coupling on to the shaft of any mechanical component or assembly. The second is positioning a driving and driven component accurately so that both components will run correctly. Learners will also be provided with the supporting knowledge to be able to identify a suitable approach for setting the correct machine alignment and identify likely sources of error.

Continuous reference will be made to a manufacturers source material for the purposes of correctly fitting and removing a drive coupling and setting the machine alignment.

What you'll learn

Practical Work:

  • Remove and refit a range of drive couplings (with & without a taper-lock bush)
  • Align a range of machine components
  • Use different alignment equipment
  • Use different alignment techniques
  • Measure a mechanical fit
  • Use measuring equipment


Theoretical Work:

  • Know the type of mechanical fits associated with fitting and removing a coupling
  • Measure critical dimensions for removing and refitting a coupling
  • Use manufacturers notes and guidance for removal and refitting purposes
  • Know how to apply common alignment techniques
  • Know the terminology associated with machine alignment

Course Objective

  • Know how to fit and remove a drive coupling
  • Know how to measure and determine the mechanical fit between shaft and coupling
  • Know how to use a taper-lock coupling
  • Know how to use a range of alignment techniques (coupling or shaft)
  • Identify faults likely to affect alignment conditions

Time frame

A 3 day course.


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additional information

To complete the practical work candidates will be shown how to use a range of tools specifically used for the removal and refitting of a drive coupling.

This course will also require candidates to be familiar with and able to use standard industrial measuring equipment e.g. micrometers and DTI’s.

All our standard courses and bespoke courses may be delivered on-site at IPS or customer premises.

These courses can be used in conjunction with an NVQ programme to support and supplement the practical skills requirements.