The pumps course provides the candidate with a practical and theoretical insight into pump maintenance and operation.

The course also introduces the candidate to a complete pump system to enable understanding of the wider considerations affecting pump operating efficiency – and includes a section on fault finding and rectification.


What you'll learn

 General operating principles:
• Pump inlet conditions
• Basic definitions and terminology
• Pipework arrangements

Centrifugal pumps:
• Principles of operation
• Pump types
• Operational characteristics: pump curves
• Specific definitions: cavitation, aeration lift,
• General maintenance: seal condition

Other rotary pump types:
• Gear
• Vane
• Piston

Course Objective

  • Candidates will know the difference between a positive displacement and non-positive displacement pumps
  • Candidates will know how to perform a range of maintenance tasks including work components
  • Candidates will know how to perform a range of pump checks to ascertain its running condition

Time frame

2 day course.


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additional information

PPE safety wear is required for this course and should be, work wear, safety boots, safety gloves, safety glasses, bump/hard hat (optional).

All our standard courses and bespoke courses may be delivered on-site at IPS or customer premises.

These courses can be used in conjunction with an NVQ programme to support and supplement the practical skills requirements.