Welding Training

The MMA, MIG and TIG welding courses are intended to provide an intense but comprehensive course of welding instruction for those with some or minimal welding experience.

Our welding bay is fully ventilated with local and area extraction.

On completion of the course candidates will be expected to be able to produce finished welded joints in accordance with BS4872.

We endeavour to bring all our candidates to a proficient welding standard whereby the trainee will meet the testing requirements of BS4872 even though they may not wish or want to complete a welder approval test.

For individuals looking to reaccredit their welder approval or achieve a welder approval for the first time we also offer independently witnessed welder testing. This is aimed at experienced, core welders and for maintenance personnel where welding is not their core skill.

Welder Testing
Welders wishing to be accredited to a welding standard can be tested to the following welder approvals:

  •  BS 4872
    This standard is ideally suited to maintenance personnel where welding proficiently forms part of their normal maintenance activities. It could be considered a starting point for those wishing to move to a higher level of welding.
    This welder approval is a British standard and is only recognised on the UK mainland.
  •  EN ISO 9606 -1
    This is a more demanding standard and unlike BS 4872 it is internationally recognised. It will also allow the welder to meet the testing requirements for other application standards. Test pieces completed under this welder approval will be submitted to an independent UKAS approved laboratory for DT and/or NDT.

There are other welder approvals available, please let us know if you have a specific approval that needs to be met and we will try and accommodate you wherever possible.

Our welding facility is a suitably equipped, including a fume/dust extraction system that complies with current HSE guidance. Ref: https://www.hse.gov.uk/pubns/indg408.htm

What you'll learn

Welding Training Courses at IPS:


  • Manual Metal Arc Welding (MMA)
  • Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (TIG)
  • Metal Inert Gas Welding (MIG)
    These courses are designed not only to promote practical welding proficiency but also provides candidates with a sound theoretical understanding of the process


  • Oxy Fuel Gas Cutting and Heating
    To enable those with no, or minimum knowledge, of Oxy Fuel Gas systems to have a safe understanding of the oxy fuel gas cutting equipment and its correct application in the workplace.


Practical Work:

  • Safe setting up of the arc welding equipment
  • Striking the arc correctly for a given process
  • Produce finished welds in different weld positions (flat, horizontal-vertical, vertical-up and overhead)
  • Using a range of different consumables for each welding process
  • Recognising simple weld faults
  • Testing completed welded joints


Theoretical Work:

  • Instruction in the safe use of welding equipment including welding gases
  • Identifying and selecting the correct welding consumables
  • Identifying the correct machine settings for a given process
  • Completion of a health and safety questionnaire


Course Objective

Objectives for all our welding courses:

  • Safely use arc welding equipment
  • Produce finished welded joints to an acceptable standard
  • Select the correct welding equipment settings
  • Select the correct consumable
  • Recognise weld associated faults and make suitable corrections where possible

Time frame

Manual Metal Arc Welding –  (MMA)
4 days

Gas Tungsten Arc Welding – (TIG)
2 days

Metal Inert Gas Welding –  (MIG)
2 days

Oxy Fuel Gas Cutting and Heating
This course is run on demand.


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additional information

If you decide to book your welding training with us here is some additional information that will might help you:

  • Although we supply weld screens you are of course entitled to bring your own
  • If you lack the correct PPE we can supply what you need, but it will be charged as an addition to your course fee
  • If you are bringing your own PPE, i.e. overalls please make sure they are fire resistant
  • If you have your own welding equipment please feel to bring it with you, but please make sure it is in safe condition and has been PAT tested beforehand (we can PAT test it if this presents a problem)
  • If you wear spectacles, please make sure your prescription is up to date

Course fee includes: All materials and Welding consumables.

All our standard courses and bespoke courses may be delivered on-site at IPS or customer premises.

These courses can be used in conjunction with an NVQ programme to support and supplement the practical skills requirements.