Technical Operator Training

Technical operator training is aimed at those who are working in a manufacturing environment, who are not core skilled maintenance staff, but are required to undertake some maintenance tasks as part of their daily work programme.

In a manufacturing area certain machine or process related tasks are considered routine and can be readily completed by non-maintenance personnel. They would be categorised as:


  • Straightforward and are not too demanding technically
  • Known to the process operator
  • Repetitive and are of short duration
  • Safe to complete without additional technical supervision

What you'll learn

  • Using measuring equipment
  • Removing & replacing broken studs
  • Replacing pneumatic components
  • Replacing and tensioning drive belts and chains
  • Replacing pulleys and sprockets
  • Replacing a mechanical component
  • Making machine adjustments to a known reference point

Course Objective

  • Provide the technical operators with a sound practical understanding of various mechanical approaches and techniques
  • Provide the technical operators with the necessary technical knowledge to support them through the programme
  • Provide the technical operators with the opportunity to fault find a range of problems during the programme

Time frame

8 day Course, maximum of 6 candidates attending.


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additional information

NVQ (National Vocational Qualification)
If a candidate wishes to work towards a nationally recognised work-based qualification this course contains the necessary skill sets to support the candidate through this programme of learning.

Although completion of this course cannot be used as direct evidence towards an NVQ it does satisfy the performance and knowledge criterion for this type of qualification.

Where a candidate is to undertake the technical operator training, the qualification we would recommend the candidate completes the NVQ at Level 2 in Engineering Maintenance and Installation.