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Information, advice and guidance

Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG) in the context of our business focusses on the Apprenticeship route – where the learner and employer relationship gains the added value of choosing us as your preferred training provider!

Whether you are a learner or an employer we strive to ensure you have reliable access to and understanding of all of the courses we have on offer and the routes available from them.

Your expectations will change and grow as you progress and at IPS we aim to ensure at crucial stages of this process you are equipped with everything you could need to succeed.

Information – can be in areas such as how you best approach your studies, what course options will best suit your talents, what resources are available to you and where you can be signposted to gain further understanding.

Advice – can be in areas such as how you best manage your work and study balance, what aspects of the programme you should focus on and how you can get the most out of your time with IPS.

Guidance – can be in areas such as how to manage your expectations, where to seek further support throughout your learner journey.

IAG is for everyone! It is a continual and necessary process that can happen both formally through planned activities but also informally during conversations with friends, family and people you work with.
It gives you the opportunity to work out your personal aims, how they fit with wider plans your employer has for you within their aims, how to achieve your ambitions and ensure you’re confident and informed during all phases of your life. 
As part of our role working with you and your employer we strive to ensure.

We make sure you’re up to date and we’re accessible! All of our trainers at IPS have relevant industry experience so have been where you are starting your journey but have also moved up and on within their sectors so they have a wealth of knowledge and experience they are ready to provide!

We all know it can be daunting taking on new tasks and working through training – added to that you’ll have a full time paying job too so balancing all the requirements for successful outcomes can be tricky!
You will have your own ambitions and ideas for your future so we want to ensure you feel empowered to ask the questions and gain honest, relevant answers or be guided in the right direction.

Everywhere we can! Embedding is where we make sure during every aspect of your time with us we plan in opportunities to enhance your understanding and knowledge but also give you the space to talk candidly about your own individual experiences and aspirations for your future. 

Whether that be for the aims of your business or for personal growth as part of a business. Our curriculum planning activities are tailored to ensure there are activities to get you thinking and engaging as well as regular check points to keep up motivation and engagement in your journey with us.

As an employer you want your employees to feel supported and empowered in their roles whilst  enhancing their understanding and commitment to your business.
As an employee you want to know you have all the best information available to make choices and plan your future.

We pride ourselves on being able to tailor our training to the needs of our employer partners and develop learner understanding and engagement.


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